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WeEmploy Inc. and the Tribal Chiefs Employment & Training Services Association (TCETSA) sign partnership to deliver more employment access to Indigenous communities

Tech firm WeEmploy Inc. signs strategic deal with First Nations groups to implement a unique System of Support (SOS) that caters to Indigenous-led businesses, non-profit agencies, educators, government and individuals in need.

Since its inception 14 years ago, the TCETSA has worked toward creating stable, healthy and self-sufficient Indigenous communities empowered through meaningful employment.

SOS provides a central point of access, extending WeEmploy’s platforms of service beyond the company’s well-established roots in employment and recruitment. The MOU provides TCETSA-referred businesses, agencies, and individuals with access to WeEmploy’s SOS services:

Business-building tools:

  • Intellicruit, WeEmploy’s trademarked employment technology, connecting businesses looking to employ indigenous people
  • Community engagement, cause awareness, marketing support
  • Onsite training, leadership and mentorship within the fields of employment, volunteer, social enterprise and marketing

Funding network: A unique digital platform for funding and resource acquisition

Social resources: Access to social resources for people in need, i.e. job seekers, newcomers, volunteers

Performance Metrics: citing Return on Impact and effectiveness analytic

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More than 410,000 Albertans live with disabilities every day. Everyone deserves the chance to work and Goodwill helps Albertans with disabilities get jobs. When you shop at Goodwill and donate to Goodwill, you are helping to change the lives of Albertans.


So, donate your clean, gently used clothing and small household items, to any one of Goodwill’s six Calgary-area donation centres, and make a difference in someone’s life today.

To donate visit 


Imagine giving a bird wings so it can fly. Imagine giving special needs children every chance to flourish. The Ability Society does just that.


55,000 children in Calgary are living with special needs. The Ability society provides a variety of innovative programming, adaptive equipment and strategies to help them achieve a higher quality of life and become active participants in our community.


For information on how YOU can make a difference visit


Newcap Calgary believes in the value of diversity.

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre is an ethical, community minded organization, respectful of Aboriginal Cultures and Teachings for the benefit of all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.


Visit for more information on the Aboriginal Friendship Centre.


Newcap Calgary believes in the value of diversity.

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre provides care for children, elderly, the homeless, and is committed to building a resourceful Aboriginal community.

Imagine trying to see a doctor without the use of your vehicle, access to public transportation or even a valid Alberta health card.


For 40 years, The Alex has been changing the lives of Calgary’s most vulnerable.   They serve people who struggle with physical disabilities, mental illness and disease. These conditionas often create barriers preventing access to services that can break cycles of illness and poverty.


The Alex' caring, person-centered approach to healthcare means they address the needs of a whole person.  Their clients include babies, children, teens, adults and seniors who live in poverty, as well as people battling addiction, homelessness and isolation.

Newcap Radio believes in and supports the value of diversity in Calgary! 

Imagine being in a new Country not knowing anyone! That can be terrifying. Immigrant Services Calgary can help.


They appreciate the valuable contributions immigrants make to our Country, and they are here to help with the challenges faced daily when settling in a new country.


Working together with Immigrants to make Canada home That’s what they do! For more info visit


Newcap Calgary believes in diversity.

Being the new kid in class can be scary. 

Drawing on the strength of Indigenous cultures, the wisdom of elders, with a philosophy of love and respect for the Earth and all peoples, Ghost River Rediscovery aims to empower people of all ages!


This summer they are hosting a number of great programs for both youth and adults. For more information go to

Hull Services is a non-profit, charitable organization helping nearly 3,500 kids, young adults and families everyday. 
Hull works with those living with mental and behavioural health issues as well as those with developmental, educational and social challenges.
Services range from prevention and early intervention through to residential treatment programs including mental health and addiction services, in-home support, mentors, educational programs, family therapy, foster and kinship care, and supported independent living. 
Hull Services strives to help people take control of their own lives to succeed and actively confront the barriers to wellness within the community.
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When you choose to donate your beverage containers to Vecova, you are helping enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. The refund value of your donation goes directly to supporting the research, services and programs that enable persons with disabilities to lead full lives. Vecova offers free recycling pick-up.




Calgary’s only non-profit depot


Vecova has been involved in recycling since the inception of the beverage container recycling system in Alberta through our Bottle Depot. The depot began as a training centre for adults with a developmental disability. Today it is a viable business that continues to operate with an integrated workforce that includes individuals with a variety of disabilities or barriers to employment. Vecova Bottle Depot is Calgary’s only non-profit depot and we processed nearly 14 Million containers in 2012.


By creating employment for persons with disabilities, Vecova demonstrates that inclusive business practices are best practices.

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